Bơ cacao - 1 loại thực phẩm vàng, bạn đã biết ?

Cocoa butter - a golden food, did you know?

The most valuable ingredient in the cocoa fruit is COCOA BUTTER, the higher the percentage of cocoa powder, the more expensive it will be.
Vietnam is fortunate to grow the most delicious cocoa variety in the world, so cocoa butter and fruit are purchased by foreign companies and groups for export.
To obtain cocoa butter, farmers harvest cocoa pods, separate the seeds and the company will have the cocoa bean fermentation process, drying/drying and roasting - these are the most important stages in creating the delicious taste of butter. cocoa in #chocolate .
Good chocolate requires a high ratio of cocoa butter and quality butter, so good chocolate costs a lot.
Besides using cocoa butter to make chocolate, cocoa butter / cocoa powder also has the effect of suppressing appetite, helping women lose weight, so cocoa butter / cocoa powder is used in dietary products.
Cocoa butter is also used in high-end cosmetic products for skin care, lips.... Helps soften skin and anti-aging.
Cocoa butter with coffee, coconut oil, vitamin E- created COFFEE BODY SCRUB to help exfoliate and brighten your skin.
Our sisters' day is coming, March 8, take care of your skin to be beautiful.
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