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Herbs for skin whitening

In order for the skin to be white, it is necessary to first exfoliate the skin and use whitening products. Herbs or fruits often contain a large amount of fruit acids, belonging to AHAs, with strong exfoliating effects such as:

  • Lemon, orange, strawberry, grape: very strong exfoliating so only use 1 spoon for face, 3-4 spoons for body
  • Coffee powder: coffee is a fruit containing fruit acids, so it should be used for both face and body
  • Tomato: contains fruit acid and provitamin A, has a good exfoliating effect
  • Rice bran powder, milk rice bran powder: contains lactic acid to help brighten the skin.
  • Fresh milk, yogurt: contain natural lactic acid, help dead cells, whiten skin
  • Licorice powder:
  • You can choose #shunature's mask powders to help whiten your skin and prevent acne!
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