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How to choose herbal shampoo for dandruff and hair growth

+ The scalp is similar to the skin on the face, but because I use hair care products such as shampoo, dye... so the scalp will change compared to the face skin.
+ Shampoo is a product that comes in direct contact with the scalp, helping to clean the scalp, remove oil and dirt on the scalp, so choosing a shampoo that is suitable for the scalp will make the scalp healthy, not With fungus, dandruff, hair follicles will be healthy, hair will decrease and grow better.
Shu Handmade herbal shampoo from 14 precious herbs and 2 separate shampoos are available, you choose the shampoo as follows:
+ Dry scalp: choose a type for dry hair
+ Oily or combination scalp: choose the type for oily hair
And a note for you guys is that in the cold season, the scalp is less oily and drier than in the summer, so I use less shampoo than in the summer. In the summer, the scalp secretes a lot of oil, causing greasy, dirty, so I use shampoo more than 1 press. Shu's shampoo is very easy to use, so please help Shu
Wish you have beautiful thick hair!
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