Nha đam- mát da, làm dịu da cháy nắng, da bị kích ứng và giúp suôn mượt tóc nhưng sử dụng nha đam như thế nào cho đúng ?

Aloe vera- soothes sunburned skin, irritated skin and helps smoothier hair, but how to use aloe vera correctly?

Aloe vera is used in food with the effect of clearing heat for the body and in cosmetics, aloe vera helps to cool, soothe sunburned skin, irritated skin, smooth hair. However, the plastic layer between the peel and aloe vera gel causes irritation and itching for the face, scalp, and hands. So when using, you should pay attention to peel off the green skin of aloe vera and wash it thoroughly with salt water and water before using it. SHU NATURE Wish you all have beautiful skin and hair!
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