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Daily skin care routine for all skin types

A daily skin care routine may include the following steps:

  1. Makeup Remover: Use oil/water/wax makeup remover to remove impurities and restore skin's natural color. (oily skin should not use makeup remover because it is easy to clog pores)
  2. Wash your face: Use a liquid cleanser or herbal cleanser to remove sebum, oil, and other dirt from your skin.
  3. Toner: Use toner to balance the skin's pH and help skin care products absorb easily.
  4. Serums: Use serums containing anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, anti-fouling, or antioxidant agents to minimize breakouts and prevent new breakouts.
  5. Skin cream: Use a lotion containing moisturizers, anti-aging, brightening, dimming or sunscreen to help keep the skin moist and soft, bright white (dry skin is aging very quickly)
  6. Eye Cream: Use an eye cream containing anti-aging or anti-pigmentation agents to help reduce dark spots and wrinkles around the eye area.
  7. Sunscreen: Use sunscreen with high SPF to protect skin from UV rays, pay attention to choose the right sunscreen for each skin type.
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