Vì sao mùa đông da đầu lại có nhiều gàu hơn?

Why does the scalp have more dandruff in winter?

Dandruff can be present all year round, but have you ever wondered why when winter comes, they become more frequent? The reason is because the dry weather of winter makes the sebaceous glands on the scalp less active, causing the stratum corneum on the scalp to become dry and more flaky, increasing the amount of dandruff on your head.

Why does the scalp have more dandruff in the winter?

In fact, each of our hairs is better covered, protected, moisturized, nourished and grown than by a cuticle. However, when winter comes, the dry weather causes this protective layer to become weaker, leading to dry hair and dandruff.

Mùa đông đầu dễ bị gàu

As noted above, Winter weather causes the sebaceous glands to decrease activity, which reduces the moisture content of the hair shaft. Just like the skin of the hands and face, when there is not enough moisture on the scalp, white flakes of dandruff will appear. The fact that the scalp does not produce sebum and sweat makes you feel that they are clean, but in fact, there are many dense patches of dandruff at the bottom of the hair.

Nguyên nhân khiến bạn có nhiều gàu

Besides, the amount of water is not enough to supply the hair, the blood circulation to the hair follicles is slower. Therefore, making hair follicles, hair roots and scalp not strong enough to remove dead skin cells, promoting new cell regeneration. This is the reason why winter dandruff patches appear more and more.

How to effectively treat dandruff in winter

Even though you wash your hair regularly but still have a lot of dandruff, you should not be too worried. It is a common phenomenon of the scalp in winter. In addition to using herbal anti-dandruff shampoos Then you can also get rid of dandruff by some simple ways below:

Treat dandruff with lemon juice:

This is a very effective dandruff treatment that many people often apply. You just need to wash your hair with lemon juice, gently massage the peel on the scalp and then wash it off with water. Do it regularly for a while and you will see that dandruff no longer appears much. However, you should not overuse lemon juice to wash your hair. Because of the acidic nature of lemon, your hair will quickly become dry and damaged.

Trị gàu bằng nước cốt chanh

Use coconut oil to treat dandruff:

Coconut oil is a natural oil that is trusted by many women to l beauty. Not only helps the face skin softer, smoother, coconut oil can also be used to provide moisture to the scalp. You just need to take coconut oil, apply to the scalp and then gently massage so that the nutrients penetrate deeply into the scalp, then wash it off with shampoo.

Sử dụng dầu dừa để trị gàu

Above is the answer to the question of why dandruff is more in the winter and simple ways to treat dandruff at home. Hopefully the information shared above will help you not to be bothered by the obnoxious dandruff patches.

Reference source: doisongphapluat.com

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